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Ex-Nissan Chairman’s wife calls G20 leaders in Japan to help him against financial misconduct charges

carlos ghosn and wife

Ex-chairman and chief of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn has called out to leaders at the G20 summit in Japan with the help of his wife to help him against financial misconduct charges.

The Ex-Nissan chief who has a French, Lebanese and Brazilian citizenship said in a statement that he is a victim a boardroom coup at the automobile company.

Ghosn has been released on bail according to reports, however, he has not been allowed to have any communication with his wife.     

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the French President are one of the few leaders Carole Ghosn has called out to help her husband. According to her, the hostage justice system in Japan has to be eliminated by Shinzo Abe, the country’s Prime Minister.

Last week, on Saturday, Mrs. Ghosn said in a statement that her husband’s basic human rights have been violated. She also added by stating “A few people in Nissan were looking to prevent the merger between Renault and Nissan which is why there was a corporate coup in Nissan board.” 


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