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Instagram to place advertisements into the ‘Explore’ section, according to the latest announcement  

instagram Ads

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, Facebook, a social media giant made an announcement stating that it would place advertisements on Instagram’s explore section. In the coming months, the users of the application would be able to look at advertisements in the ‘Explore’ section as they scroll through the feed. The company said it would apply the necessary changes to the application in the next few months. 

The social media company has been looking for ways in which brands could connect to its potential customers. The company also said in a statement that 80% of its user follow a business page.

The company also added that over 50% of its users use the ‘Explore’ section page every month. 

The advertiser would get a boost with the help of this new change and would be able to reach new audiences. 

Last month, Instagram, rolled out its feature in which its “influencers” would posts products on their page wherein company’s can promote their products and services.