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Investigation of FedEx after Huawei claims its parcels got diverted

fedex china and US

Date: 1st June 2019

The Chinese government plans to launch a probe on FedEx after Huawei, a tech giant based on China, informed that its parcels got diverted. The official Xinhua news agency released a statement regarding the same on Saturday and that the state would look into any damage caused by the diversion of the parcels on legal grounds.

The commerce ministry of the country said on Friday that it would draw up a list of firms and individuals based abroad which it deems as “unreliable”. However, the ministry did not elaborate on the kinds of firms and individuals it would listing, neither did it specify any name.

The US government had earlier taken a step against Shenzhen-based firm Huawei by banning any usage of its equipment by any US firm.

The Chinese tech giant said on Friday that it would be looking over the relationship it has with FedEx after its claim that two of its parcels were rerouted to the United States. However, the delivery service provider said that it was an error.

FedEx also released a statement on its website saying that it does not resist any investigation into its customer service. Another statement was put up on the social media account of FedEx China where the company apologised for the diversion of the parcels. It added that it has not been influenced by any external entity in relation to the parcels.

The US authorities last month blacklisted the Chinese company claiming that it was a security threat to the nation. Washington said that the Huawei equipment used by customers was being used to send private information back to Beijing.

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